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Content planning

Content planning Steps

1) Understand your Brand

You must know exactly what you stand for, your tone of voice, political and social allegiances. At first you should map the strengths and weaknesses, a simple SWOT analysis works well here as it lets you know simply where you are.
Then you are able to align these strengths and opportunities to your brand values and begin to build a map of what you may require to achieve from a content strategy perspective.

Understand your Brand

2) Understand your Audience

Split it down into two parts:
1. Quantitative
Ask general questions about your product or service so you can get a picture of where it sits in your customer’s lives and in their buying cycle.
2. Qualitative
Customer focus groups, by working with research companies and utilising controlled environments helps you to add colour to the picture and enabling you to recognize your target group.


3) Brainstorm Ideas

Ideas are the lifeblood of any content strategy. Without creativity your content marketing campaign is not effective. We produce a list of crazy content concepts which are realistic and actionable


4) Segment your content types

The next step is to organize the list you have into content types and determine the best way of presenting that concept for maximum reach

Segment your content types

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After the end of this step

The next step is to design campaigns for your brand.

Design Content Campaigns