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Video distribution

Video distribution Steps

If no one can find your video it’s not going to achieve the reach it deserves.

Here are some basic rules for video distribution

1 – Set clear and measurable objectives

Before uploading, it is crucially important to set campaign KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Monitoring the level of interaction your audience have with your content will inform both the formatting and creation of future content


2 – Identify your distributions channels

When your video is ready to go, your first task is distributing it.Hosting content on your website is just the beginning. Social media is the perfect place to post your video to gain traction for your brand. You could also consider creating a partnership with relevant industry websites to widen the reach of your content


3 – Target influencers to access a wider audience

Influencers are the leaders other people will follow. They can give you access to a larger relevant audience of people who may not have come across your brand


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By considering the above mentioned points, better results can be achieved.

This way we optimize videos